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"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity." - John Muir

I'm Suzanna Sullivan, The Boston Nature Nanny! 

The Boston Nature Nanny is an idea I came up with after moving on from environmental consulting in 2019. I took some time off to refocus my career and worked as a nanny for an extremely bright two-year old. When COVID-19 hit in March and our normal activities were no longer available, we focused more and more on spending time in nature since nobodyelse would be around. During this time we learned about identifying birds, making arts and crafts with what nature provided, and  learning about habitats. Not to mention, enjoying the pure and unfiltered thrill from a good splash in a puddle!

Her mother expressed how happy she was to witness her daughter’s newfound admiration for the outdoors  and that she may not have found that love in other traditional settings. It quickly became my mission to find fun, safe, and engaging outdoor adventures and learning opportunities around the Greater Boston area. 

My approach comes from a blend of experience from working in environmental consulting for almost 10-years and as a part-time nanny and tutor. Over the years, I have noticed that children have become more dependent of technology and can be faced with potentially overwhelming pressure from intense extracurricular activities. Being outside is the natural reset button and, like John Muir said, “the wilderness is a necessity”.

Here at The Boston Nature Nanny, we hope that your child will organically become emerged in outdoor learning or, at a minimum, spend some time away from a screen. If they happen to learn something, wonderful! 

I hope that my passion for the outdoors, eagerness to learn, and love for science will leave a lasting impression on your child. 

I'm excited for you to join us on our next adventure! 


  • Bachelor of Science in Geology - University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • First Aid/CPR Certified 

  • Clean Driving History

  • Cleared Criminal Background Check


  • Volunteer Water Sampler with Neponset River Watershed Association

  • Sanctuary Committee Member of the Mass Audubon Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Member of Neponset Greenway Council 

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