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"This pandemic Mary Poppins will whisk your tot on an outdoor adventure to places like the Arnold Arboretum, doing things you might not have time for: building binoculars out of paper towel rings, goat-spotting, bird-watching." 

-Kara Baskin, The Boston Globe

With many classrooms adapting to an online format, kids are spending more time than usual dependent on screens and technology. The Boston Nature Nanny is here to engage your child with fun and fulfilling outdoor learning. Let us work together to spark a lasting curiosity and build an organic relationship between learning and appreciation for the outdoors. 

I'm excited to have you join me on our next adventure! 

Due to COVID-19 I'm asking for all parents and guardians to be present during class sessions to assist their children in social distancing and other CDC regulations. If you or your child are feeling sick the day of class, please do not attend and your class will be refunded in full. 

The Boston Nature Nanny does a morning temperature and smell check along with the rest of her family.

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